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SINUS Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH was founded in 1998 in Heidelberg, Germany, today one of the most established centers in life science research.The company was started with the mission to supply high-quality products to research laboratories. The focus of SINUS Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH products has always been biochemistry, life sciences and bioseparation, i.e. separation of biomolecules by electrophoretic techniques.Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH is a producer of high quality boar semen extender called DiluPorc.(BTS and LongTerm)Our customers are big AI centers in Europe, which are supplied directely by Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH and also farmers in Germany.Since the beginning of 2007 we also have a DiluPorc Long term extender in our program, which was tested successfully by Dr. Stähr in Schönow/BerlinSinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis serving scientists today: Life sciences undergo rapid changes in technology and methods. It is the task of Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis to adapt to the changing needs of scientists while maintaining consistently high standards in the supply of quality products.Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis is known for its range of antibiotics, buffers, dyes, enzymes, media, detergens, pharmaceutical auxiliaries and many other high-quality reagents from A to Z.


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Distributor, Distributor, Importer


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1. Livestock Supplies: Livestock
2. Pet Supplies: Dog Supplies, General Pet Supplies


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