Zabeel Industries
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Zabeel Industries is Largest Manufacturer and Exporters/Suppliers of Surgical, Dental, Beauty, Orthopedic, Veterinary instruments & Holloware All Products are hand Made And Top Quality J2-420 & J2-440 Japanese Stainless Steel. Also all sort of Scissors. Beauty Instruments - Barber & Hair Dressing Scissors/Shears, Thinners, Nail and Cuticle Scissors, Pocket Scissors, Fancy Scissors, Print Scissors, Multi Purpose Scissors, Face Black Head Cleaners, House Hold Scissors, Kitchen Scissors Weavers Scissors, Stock Scissors, Eye Brow Tweezers, Callus Rasp, Corn Plane, Beauty Kits, Manicure And Pedicure all tools, Professional Shaving Razors, Professional Hair Cutting Shears, Professional Thinning Blending Shears, Barber Shear Sets, Hair Cutting Scissors, Thinning Blending Scissors, Plastic Handle Hair Cutting Scissors, Grooming Scissors, Tailor Scissors, Household Scissors, Paper Scissors, Nail & Cuticle Scissors, Nail & Cuticle Pushers, Cuticle Nippers, Nail Nippers, Acrylic Nail Cutters, Nail Files, Surgical Instruments - Diagnostic, Anesthesia, Tracers and Suction Tubes, Scalpels, Scissor, Dressing Tissue Forceps, Artery Forceps, Retractors, Cotton Swab Forceps, Self Retaining Retractors, Probes Applicators and Spatulas, Suture, Plaster, Bone Surgery, Neuron Surgery, Tracheotomy, Cardiovascular, Thoracic and Lung Surgery, Goiter, Dermatology, Otology, Rhinology, Oral Instruments, Maxillofacial, Tonsil, Intestinal and Stomach, Rectum, Gall Bladder, Urology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Sterilization, Asepsis, Orthopedic Instruments, Electronic Instruments, Hospital Furniture Dental Instruments - Tooth Extracting Forceps, Dissecting, Dressing, Delicate Tissue, Haemostatic Forceps, Reposition Forceps, Tooth Tweezers, Gum, Dental, Ligature, Bandage Scissors, Micro Scalpels, Gingivectomy Knives & Handle for, Blade, Endodontic Microsurgical Set, Elevators, Impression Trays, Pliers for Technical, Orthodontics, Rubber Dam Instruments, Mouth Gags, Retractor, Aspire-Plus, Water Syringe, Explorers, Delicate, Flexible, Probes, Period onto meter, Amalgam Pistolen, Scalars, Curettes, Periodontal Instruments & Files, Surgical Raspatories, Files, Chisel, Mucotome, Tongue & Plasters Spatulas, Mouth Mirrors, Handles, Napkin Holder, Saliva Ejector, Titan, Working Tips, Towel Clamps, Awls & Suction Instruments, Bone Curettes, Bone Rongeurs Dental Tools, Bone Cutting & Bone Holding Forceps, Needle Holders & Needle Cases, Osteotomes & Mallets, Plastic Filling Instruments & Exaxial Set, Burnishes & Nerve Instruments, Instruments for Removal of Roots, Syndesmotomes, Waxing Instruments, Wire Bending Pliers & Wire Cutters, Matrices, Matrix Retainers, Composite - Instruments, Freiburg Pattern, Separating Forceps, Sterimax, Kidney Trays, Round Bowls, Gauze Case, Laboratory Instruments, Spatula, Tissue Nippers, Bone Rongeurs Dental Tools, Files, Single Use Instruments, Ent Instruments, General Surgery, Screws, Bone Plates, Etc.,


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1. Pet Supplies: Other Pet Supplies


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>$ 100,000,000


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